Organized Crime Fiction Books

If you are in search of fiction stories about criminal networks and mafia, there are several organized crime fiction books to consider.

In most some cases, organized crime fiction cover mafia, criminal sects, crooked family businesses, drugs, human trafficking and the like.

Writers of organized criminal ventures often vividly portray and paint the world of corruption, compromised members in uniform.

The fall of these criminals is usually complicated as they rope in politicians and other law enforcement members to help with cover-ups.

Themes within this genre includes gangsters, territorial underworld dealings, and huge-stakes corruption. Loyalty to gangs and even a tradition of crime through generations of families is not uncommon.

Here is a short list of some popular crime fiction books to consider in the genre of organized criminal gangs.

Popular Organized Crime Fiction Books to Consider

Fist, one of the most well-known books on organized crime that had the effect to attract many Americans: The Godfather by Mario Puzo.

As in other crime fiction books, the genre of organized criminals can also overlap with other sub-genres such as the “killer main character” genre.

Killer main character genre could overlap with organized crime if the novel concludes without the capture or destruction of the perpetrating gang.

Other popular books are: –

Dreamland by Kevin Baker

Ashes and Embers (American Parable #1) by Christian Sterling

Sins of the Son (Frank Lucianus Mafia #1) by Frank Lucianus

Black Mass by Dick Lehr

Invisible by Stephen L. Carter

The Infiltrator by Robert Mazur

Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra

The Firm By John Grisham

The Russian: A Novel by Ben Coes

By Any Other Name by J. M. Darhower

World Gone By by Dennis Lehane

Crow by A. Zavarelli

Ghost by A. Zavarelli