Mystery Books

Popular Mystery Books Sub-Genres

Most mystery novels detail imaginary stories of crime or some supernatural concept that is plain clear from the start.

The mystery usually stays until the end of the book, and there is more than one suspect or more than one possible outcome for an event.

A good number of mystery fiction deal with subject of murder, disappearance, other crimes or a supernatural event.

Crime mystery stories are very popular. Good writers place the reader right in the middle of the mystery, inviting readers to solve the puzzle as they go on.

In the case of a crime, such as murder mystery books or other crime-centered novels, investigators may crack the case at the end by way of logical reasoning.

Way back, Sherlock Holmes stories made murder mystery very popular, and the genre has developed even further.

However, some books that deal with mystery are non-fiction. These can be true crime stories documented for public reading.

If you are looking for mystery novels to read, consider the following sub genres: –

Mystery books for kids

Capers mystery novels

Classic mystery fiction stories

Cozy mystery books

Noir mystery books

Private detective mystery

Why Mystery Stories Attract Many Readers

Entertainment – if you open a good mystery book and start reading, chances are high you will not drop the book easily. Mystery fiction is one of the best-selling fictional works of art due to its ability to keep readers in suspense.

Many bookworms find the brain stimulation to be irresistible as they try to solve mysteries and crack cases. There are usually many suspects with reasonable motives, and readers get access to information as the story builds up.

Like other forms of entertainment, mystery stories give an escape from harsh realities of life.

A wider social base is possible among fiction book readers with same interest.