Fiction Books

Fiction Books Subcategories | Examples of Fiction stories

Fiction books and short fiction stories may come in these broad sub genres:

Crime fiction novels and short stories

Romance fiction

Mystery fiction

Thriller and suspense books

Literary fiction

Adventure novels

Fiction Novels

Fiction books and short fiction stories are a great way to enter the writer’s imagination and share the feelings of the imaginary characters.

Writers of fiction tend to focus on specific sub genres such as crime, romance, or literary fiction for example

Reading fiction novels is fun and enjoyable but that is not the only benefit.

Fiction stories are easy to read as their main purpose is to entertain, yet they possess other qualities that can aid in real life.

Fiction Books Benefits

In following imaginary storylines and characters, readers may gain an ability to understand different perspectives of life.

In recent years, psychologists have been examining readers who love to engage works of fiction and they linked them to many benefits.

Similar to music, reading fiction stories is a form of relaxation. Those who read fiction tend to be more satisfied with their lives.

Apart from psychological benefits, there are also other personal development skills to gain, such as the ability to stretch one’s imagination.

Improved language is another clear benefit