Killer Main Character Crime Books

Killer main character crime books are also known as first person serial killer novels.

In this sub-genre of crime fiction, the reader gets to see things from the criminal’s perspectives.

The authors draw readers to get into the killer’s mind as the story unfolds.

The crime is therefore committed in full view of the reader.

Killer Main Character Crime Books or First-Person Serial Killer Examples

Here is a list of some of the popular first-person serial killer books.

First, a snippet of “Killer on The Road” by James Ellroy.

An orphan spends a year in prison for breaking and entering, then comes out worse off. Newspaper cuttings, a detective’s diary, and the culprit’s firsthand account narrate the story of serial killings across America while the killer is on the road. In the end, the surgent investigating the crimes is also drawn into killings.

Next, short account of “A Special Place: the heart of a dark matter” by Peter Straub

The main character is a boy-psychopath fascinated by death, and his uncle takes it upon himself to draw him deeper by teaching him survival skills.

Another sub-genre of crime fiction to fit this work of fiction is horror crime fiction.

Finally, “The Killer” by Colin Wilson

The book is an insight into a serial killer and rapist, as a doctor examines the psychopath who is hiding a lot under the guise of stupidity. The main character is at the prison psychiatrist due to a notable state of depression while in his eighth year of serving jail for murder.