Romance Fiction Books

Romance books come in different sub-genres. This article aims to shed some light into what makes up romance novels and short stories.

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First, here are some of the more common sub-genres to look out for in the romance fiction genre.

High school romance novels and stories

Young adult romance novels and stories or new adult romance.

Romantic historical books or classic romance stories

Romance novels and stories for adults

Romantic billionaire stories

Dark romanticism books

Contemporary romance

Romantic suspense novels

Own voice romance novels

Fantasy romance novels

Sports Romance fiction books

And finally Romantic comedy.

Why People Love To Read Romance Books

Like any other work of fiction, romantic novels give readers an opportunity to be thrilled and share feelings with characters in the book.

A lot of romance stories however tend to conclude with a happy ending, and this is one of the drivers some readers prefer this genre. Women in particular, are more likely to read romance novels than men.  An imaginary man in a story can fulfil some need gaps that women may find hard to get from men in real life. On the other hand, men prefer non-fiction books or other genres such as crime and adventure.

However, not all romance novels have a happy ending. A case in point is the popular young adult book called “it ends with us” by Colleen Hoover. Many women have confessed of how the book’s ending brought them to tears, yet they love the story.

So, there is more to romance books than just a happy ending expectation. Readers may catch feelings that resemble some real-life encounters.

In addition, most romance novels have simple plots and therefore the romance genre for light reading.

Some men also like to read romance although not as many as women. Due to the wide classes of romance literature, it is expected that some genres would appeal to men more than women.

Romantic comedy genre is one that both men and women may find appealing to read.

Romance stories as a Therapy

Romance fiction can be an escape from the gap of expectations in the real life. Some readers have found romance books to be handy in navigating away from bad break up and depression.

The often happy-ending themes offer temporary relief to those battling relationship struggles and allows time to laugh and have good feelings.

It is no wonder that some writers pen down books also as a way of escape from life’s hardship.

Some authors want to paint a better world of love and respect through romantic themes