Espionage Crime Books

Following the setup of modern intelligence structures by government agencies in the twentieth century, espionage crime books genre was born.

Alternatively known as spy fiction, espionage fiction involves the act of collecting classified information from governments. The stakes are high as the data is usually highly sensitive.

Although most fictional works of espionage deal with government, other forms of spying in fiction are also known, such as spying for or spying a criminal target group.

What The Raeder Can Expect in Espionage Crime Books

Rank infiltration and spying

The main character or other character is planted within ranks of a target group, with the aim to collect sensitive data. There is therefore high stakes and high suspense as the main player can get severe punishment, such as death or long-term jail sentence.

Criminal and political tricks, hacks, and gambling to preventor or obtain access to sensitive information.

As mentioned earlier, most spy fiction book deal with government classified data, there is plenty of politics and state intelligence work. The reader is exposed to the high level of care and skill that the parties put in place to carry out their missions.

High corruption and manipulation, escaping danger, and sacrifice of human life.

Whether the group involved is political, criminal, or otherwise, there is usually a high level of corruption and underworld dealings. Someone wants information, another is preventing access to information, and both do not want it public. Therefore, there is high levels of danger, and looming danger including possible compromise to the whole country’s military or other safety.

Examples of Espionage in Novels

Here are some of the popular fiction books in the spy genre.

The Eye of The Needle by Ken Follett

The Quiet American by Graham Greene

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John Le Carré

The Spy and The Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of The Cold War by Ben Macintyre

Red Sparrow (Red Sparrow Trilogy #1) By Jason Matthews