Historical Crime Books

Fictional historical crime books often overlap with other sub genres of crime fiction such as thriller crime stories or suspense. If you enjoy stories of how investigators used to narrow down and track criminals in ancient times, historical crime fiction novels will quench your thirst. It is common to have storylines that includes real events in history or real places, such as the World War two, or times of war between nations. In addition, the story may take place in a known time frame, such as natural disasters and pandemics. To get started reading historical crime stories, here are a few examples.

Some Historical Crime Books of Note

First, a novel by Ariana Franklin titled “Mistress of the Art of Death” A female pathologist bears the nickname “mistress of the art of death” due her accuracy in finding cause of death. After four Catholic children in Cambridge are murdered, she is employed to investigate. In primitive twenty-fourth century, a woman of her abilities and stature must work under cover for safety. Then the book “A Plague on Both Your Houses (Matthew Bartholomew series)” by Susanna Gregory Matthew Bartholomew, a doctor who is also a teacher of medicine at Michaelhouse, is unpopular among his colleagues for using methods that are unorthodox. When the Master of Michaelhouse suffers an inexplicable death, he begins to search for answers, much against the University authorities who do not want the death investigated. As the story unfolds, Matthew Bartholomew is dragged into deep trouble that threatens his life. The continued existence of the University and the future of the town also become doubtful. Finally, “Dissolution (Shardlake mysteries)” by C. J. Sansom Dissolution is the first book in the series. A lawyer named Matthew Shardlake is hired to investigate the murder of one the commissioners of Thomas Cromwell. Although he wants to work quietly, news travel fast and therefore he cannot get reliable information. People are afraid to talk, and they feed him with what he wants to hear rather than the truth. Investigations unearth evidence of sexual misconduct, embezzlement, and treason and Matthew and his assistant race against time to prevent another looming murder. See also The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.


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