Heist Crime Books

Heist crime books belong to the broad class of crime fiction.

Unlike other crime thrillers and fiction books that feature crimes from a single criminal, heist is notable for team effort. Some of the stories offer a happy ending while others do not.

The team often assign duties and detail a series of actions together.

Readers who love heist fiction novels are attracted by the detail of planning and how the robbery unfolds in comparison. The level of detail and skillset that is needed to carry out the plan is often mind blowing.

There is suspense in every step of the plan, and usually variations of expectations. The aftermath is highly anticipated.

Some Notable Heist Crime Books to Consider

Here are some of the most popular books in the class of heist fiction.

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead

Harlem Shuffle, a heist crime book (fiction)
Harlem Shuffle, a heist crime book (fiction)

Named one of his favorite books of 2021 by former United States President Barack Obama, the book is about a family saga and crime fiction.

The setting is in Harlem between 1959 and 1964.

Ray’s wife, Elizabeth, is expecting a second child. Although Ray comes from a criminal family, he makes a living from honest work as a salesman.

However, from time to time he fences stolen goods through his furniture store, including those from his cousin Freddie. Freddie is deep in the family crime activities and organizes a heist of Hotel Theresa.

When the heist fails, Ray finds himself in trouble.

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Heist Society
Heist Society

Can also overlap into young adult fiction.

Despite working hard to stay clear of crime, Kat’s hand is forced into it.

When her father is accused of stealing precious paintings from a very dangerous underworld boss Arturo Taccone, she finds herself cornered to recover the goods.

Arturo Taccone gives Kat a two-week deadline.

Kat recruits other teenagers, and they begin searching for answers. Their efforts lead them to Visily Romani, a fake name common among lieutenants of the criminal underworld.

Against advice from her uncle, she proceeded with investigations and set off for robbing the Henley Museum, the suspected place where the stolen paintings are being kept.

The teenagers manage an almost impossible heist of the Henly Museum, recovering four of the five missing paintings.

Kat discovers that the paintings did not belong to Arturo Taccone after all, and among his team there is a mole.

The missing fifth painting is heaving linked to her great-great-grandmother, and she learns that her mother had tried to get the paintings before she died.