Zandile The Resolute: Book 2 of The Hlomu Series

Zandile the resolute is the second book of the series: Hlomu the Wife. The series follows the gangster lifestyle of a Zulu family and their love life.

The Zulu family raises money through ill-gotten means and becomes very powerful in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Zandile the resolute
African romance series

As a young woman, the strong-willed protagonist, Zandile had been charmed by the first son of the family, Nkosana, who later took it upon himself to support and lead his other 8 brothers.

However, Zandile found herself separated from the family for some years, only to return later under different circumstances.

She sacrifices her family and fiancé to reunite with her childhood sweetheart.

However, when she reunites with Nkosana, their loves face cultural barriers among a host of other trials.

Nkosana’s family is deep in the Zulu culture, and the way families navigate life marginalizes women.

Now Zandile, the woman who stood by the family when they had not yet made a name, must overcome these difficulties in a dangerous world of gangster life.

Jail, separation, and culture are forces working against their union, and the very family business is a dangerous field.

The novel narrates an African love story that is relatable to marriages deeply rooted in culture.

In addition, the story provides romantic suspense, black love, and the Johannesburg Street life.

What Should Readers Expect in Zandile the Resolute

As mentioned earlier, there is gripping suspense such as when Zandile accidentally uncovers Nkosana’s secrets.

On the other hand, Zandile makes heavy sacrifices to the relationship, and the two survive many trials and tests.

The novel could also be considered an abuse romance fiction book, although much of the setting is relatable to African families with deep roots in culture.

For instance, Nkosana is not comfortable with Zandile having her own cellphone.

In addition, he is against her wearing pants.

Since this is part of the series, a happy ending is not certain in the narration.

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