The Hlomu Book Series Review and Summary

The Hlomu Book Series Review and Summary, written by Dudu Busani Dube.

Hlomu series is a set of six books, of which the sixth one is yet to be published, which detail a love story set in South African urban lifestyle.

The hlomu book series review
The hlomu book series review

The first of the book series in Hlome the wife.

1. The first: Hlomu the Wife

Mahlomu, a young lady encounters charming Mqhele Zulu by chance and the two gets hooked, love at first sight.

Mahlomu is happy to join the Zulu family and stay with Mqhele, despite his personality. Their love goes strong as they go through life, but a dark side of the Zulu family hangs in the balance.

The seven brothers are well off from their father’s inheritance, but behind the wealth is mob justice and a lot of money that cannot be accounted for.

I give you snippets of the five books making up this tale of love in a South African township setting, relating very well with its citizens.

2. The Hlomu Book Series review: Zandile the Resolute

The next book is Zandile the resolute.

This story of the rich Zulu family continues.

In This book, the life of Zandile, wife of the first brother, Nkosana is brought into focus.

The two enjoy a strong love bond that survives many trials and circumstances, hatred, the deaths and even prison time.

Zandile’s love towards her husband is tried and tested in many ways, including death, hatred, and prison.

3.Naledi: His Love

Naledi, like Hlomu and Zandile, comes to terms with the realities of what it means to love a member of the Zulus. There is wealth to be enjoyed, but it comes at a cost. Constant danger comes with the lifestyle of the rich, united, and gangster family.

4. Iqunga – Hlomu Book Series 

An encounter with a certain man points the Zulu brothers to ancestral curse that requires cleansing. The is drama as usual, as the past tends to repeat itself in their journey of uncovering their lineage.

5.Last of The Hlomu Book Series Review: The Fifth: Mess

The 5th book of the Hlomu book series is called “The Mess”.

Mess is an agonizing and heart-breaking book of the series. It follows Lahliwe and Mqoqi as they try to make their relationship work despite the damage done to them.

Mqoqi Zulu must face the expectations of family as he is most misunderstood among the brothers.

Expect heartbreak and pain.

There is a sixth and final instalment of the series coming up, according to the author.

The Wife is a product of her well-knit series of five books and a sixth book is on the cards to complete the series.

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