Plumbing books For Students at Colleges, Trainees, and Beginners

Plumbing books for students, unlike other books in the trade, target the learner and hence they offer information useful in both theory and practice.

Unlike other plumbing books of the trade, these books aim to educate and prepare a learner for field work.

In addition, some plumbing books for students also offer career guidance.

Understanding basic plumbing concepts is at the core of the textbooks.

These are some of the aspects that a plumbing book for students should address.

  • Wide cover of topics relevant for their studies.
  • Easy to follow guides and visuals, such as diagrams and pictures, as well as use of color to separate visuals.
  • Easy to read, it is not a good experience to labor through passages and chapters of plumbing books. One should enjoy the book, so a simplified approach is the best one.
  • The order in which content is laid out should not frustrate a learner and cause confusion and panic.
  • Inclusion of test questions and/or answers is always a welcome part of study.

Below are some plumbing books for students that have good user experience.

Modern Plumbing Hardcover – by E. Keith Blankenbaker | (Plumbing Books For Students, Trainees, DIYers

The book is ideal for trainees, college students, beginners, and anyone who wants to get plumbing skills.

plumbing book for students, trainees and beginners.
Modern Plumbing by E. Keith Blankenbaker

Modern Plumbing aims to teach and inform on the following topics.

  • Design several plumbing parts and how they are put together to give the best result.
  • How to fit-in plumbing units of a building, one at a time.
  • Plumbing safety.
  • Materials and tools.
  • How to prepare for a plumbing job and carry out effective field work.
  • Information on the careers of the trade.
  • In addition, can be even more useful is read together with a separate Lab workbook that contains further activities and review questions.
  • Help students and users grasp facts by using a variety of clear visuals with strong color variation.
  • Prepare students to check local codes as they carry out field work. However, the book may not have the very latest codes, but puts in place the concept of checking codes.

Modern Plumbing User Experience.

Most students and DIYers found the book to be useful in explaining plumbing concepts in an easy to read and understand format.

The wide coverage of topics has also been most welcome among users.

Apart from the clarity, the price is also considered to be affordable.

First year students found the book to be a must have, as it makes concepts easy to understand.

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2. Plumbing Nvq and Technical Certificate Level 2 Student Book by Mr John Thompson.


plumbing books for students
Plumbing Nvq and Technical Certificate Level 2 Student Book

Notes from publishers.

This is a practical and highly visual resource for students produced in partnership with JTL, the leading training provider in electrical installation and plumbing.

Additional exam style multiple-choice assessment questions on an accompanying CD provide extra support for revision and exam preparation.

Straightforward language ensures that even the most technical concepts are accessible.

End-of-unit knowledge tests enable students to track their progress.

This edition includes a brand-new chapter on employers’ rights and responsibilities.


Users’ Experience upon Reading Plumbing Nvq and Technical Certificate Level 2 Student Book by Mr John Thompson.


Most users are happy to have bought the book and find it to be of a reasonable price in context of the content within.

Students found the plumbing principles section to be useful and the inclusion of a dedicated chapter on employment rights.

Overall, users are happy for the plain English and easy to read format of the content.

In addition, content is wide and suitable for what colleges require, although it does not cover enough on heavy metal poisoning.

Students going for City & Guilds plumbing courses found it a good add-on and support book.

Apart from students, DIYers also found the illustrations to be very useful for understanding plumbing concepts. Even though technical words are in use, the book remains easy to read and simple to grasp.

Inclusion of mock tests is a desired aspect of the book for students, making it one of the plumbing books for students to stand out.

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