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Posted on April 28, 2022
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Storm Tide summary – a book by Wilbur Smith.

The storm tide - Wilbur Smith

The events of the fictional novel Storm Tide, are set in ancient eastern coasts country of Africa. 
Rob Courtney seeks to fulfil his long-life desire to experience a life of adventure at sea. He takes the chance after his grandfather, Jim Courtney passes on. 

He quietly leaves the place he had spent his entire life, a trading outpost in Fort Auspice, Nativity bay, to sail for London at the behest of a mysterious man: Captain Mastorn. 
Arriving in England, he makes friends with a team of men who live a first paced lifestyle, and falls prey to that kind of life. In the end, he spreads himself thin and becomes extremely broke. 

With no other choice, desperate Rob Courtney answers a call from the navy to join the forces of war and fight against the American colonists. 

But he does not know who is on the other side of the war in America.Members of his blood are involved in the war, distant cousins Cal Courtney and Aidan Courtney.But from their end, they are is division also. 

Theo Courtney vows to wipe out all British troops, after witnessing his brother being Aidan killed by British troops in a fierce battle. 
However, his eldest son Cal is very patriotic to America …. 

This book is a powerful historical thriller, a tale of a family divided and a country at the brink of a revolution

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Wilbur Smith: Author – Storm Tides

The late best selling author, Wilbur Smith was a well known British – South African novelist, born in Zambia. He specialized in historical fiction, resonating with both the black and white communities of Southern Africa. Most of his works are set in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and have been turned into movies. In this book, he came with yet another masterclass thrilling adventure.

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