Romantic Comedy Book Marrying Mr Wrong

Posted on December 10, 2022
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The slow burn romantic comedy book Marrying Mr Wrong is about Sophie and Cox, two adults who had a brief history as young adults.

Romantic Comedy Book Marrying Mr Wrong
Romantic comedy book Marrying Mr Wrong by Claire Kingsley

Sophie – a hot but clumsy woman who is determined not to let Cox get anywhere near her. However, she is a walking disaster with her clumsiness and is about to find herself in a situation.

Cox – a charming businessman not really built for marriage, he knows how to go after and get what he wants.

What are the key events in the Book Marrying Mr Wrong?

It all starts with Sophie walking out with nothing underneath her clothing.

Of all people, Cox is the one to witness her mortification and after a wild night in Vegas, she wakes up naked in his hotel room.

In the end, a cocky and charming Cox is thrown off his game.

However, the two eventually get married after the steamy one-night stand and begin a journey of getting to know each other

A light read, comedy romantic fiction book.

Who will Enjoy Marrying Mr Wrong?

Fans of romance comedy fiction who prefer slow burn funny romance stories can consider this novel.

Claire Kingsley’s followers are likely to love this book as well.

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