Joel Osteen Fact File

Joel Osteen is a well-known televangelist, businessman, speaker, author, and senior pastor at Lakewood Church. He took over the church after the death of his father and founder, Joel Osteen, in 1999. Joel is famous for being one of the most influential pastors in the world through preaching and writing bestselling books in prosperity gospel. His books sold more than 9 million copies.

In addition, upon taking over from his father, he made Lakewood church the largest and fastest-growing congregation in the U.S.

Joel Osteen was also named one of the richest pastors in the world by Forbes in 2023.

Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen

Education: Humble High School

He studied radio and television communications at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, he dropped in the first year of study to help his father develop Lakewood church’s television ministry. He was producer of the church’s broadcasts.

Joel Osteen’s Writing Process.

Writing (sermons) Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays, 28-minute sermon and using stories, marks Joel Osteen’s writing process. He reviews his notes over and over before preaching to produce positive and inspiring content.

Joel: “I like to bring in stories of practical, everyday people and examples that the audience can relate to. I think it can get boring to have too much information without a lot of examples and stories. I have a list of stories and I write down what people tell me. I choose the story that fits the message. Getting back to my pastor side, Jesus used examples, and parables, and stories because they are more impactful.”


His sermons have been criticized as self-serving and revealing a poor command of Scripture.

First book.

“Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential” (2004) – took number 1 position on “The New York Times Best Seller list”.


Date of Birth: Born Joel Scott Osteen on 5 March 1963 in Houston, Texas, United States to parents John Osteen and Dolores (“Dodie”) Pilgrim.


Wife: Victoria Osteen (née Iloff), married 1987

Children: Jonathan (1995), Alexandra (1998).

Siblings: Paul Osteen, Justin Osteen (half-brother), April Osteen Simons, Lisa Osteen, Tamara Osteen

Net worth:  Estimated net worth of between $100 million and $180 million as of 2024.

Books by Joel Osteen (2004 – 2015)

Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential (2004)

Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now: 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full Potential (2005)

Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day (2007)

Your Best Life Begins Each Morning: Devotions to Start Every New Day of the Year (2008)

It’s Your Time : Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God’s Favor (2009)

Everyday a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week (2011)

It’s Your Time: Finding Favor, Restoration, and Abundance in Your Life Every Day (2009)

I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life (2012)

Break Out!: 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life (2013)

You Can You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner (2014)

Fresh Start: the New You Begins Today (2015)

The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today (2015)

2016 – 2023

Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind (2016)

Blessed in the Darkness: How All Things Are Working for Your Good (2017)

Empty Out the Negative (2017)

Next Level Thinking: 10 Powerful Thoughts for a Successful and Abundant Life (2018)

The Power of Favor: The Force That Will Take You Where You Can’t Go on Your Own (2019)

Peaceful on Purpose: The Power to Remain Calm, Strong, and Confident in Every Season (2021)

The Abundance Mind-Set: Success Starts Here (2020)

You Are Stronger than You Think: Unleash the Power to Go Bigger, Go Bold, and Go Beyond What Limits You (2021)

Rule Your Day: 6 Keys to Maximizing Your Success and Accelerating Your Dreams (2022)

Your Greater is Coming: Discover the Path to Your Bigger, Better, and Brighter Future (2022)

15 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier: Life-Changing Strategies for Greater Energy, a More Focused Mind, and a Calmer Soul (2023)

Podcasts airing Joel Osteen Teachings.

Joel Osteen runs weekly and daily audio and video podcasts with over 15 million monthly downloads on iTunes. Here are some of the platforms that air Osteen’s teachings.

iHeart , Apple , Spotify , Podbean,, Audible Australia, Boomplay music

Player fm, Radio Australia,, Podimo, TuneIn, Deezer, Pandora

Play podcast, Podplay, Audacy, Radio South Africa

Podbay, Happy Scribe, Rephonic, Everand, Prime Music, Listen Notes

Musicmatch Podcasts, Podchaser, Sermons Online,, MyTuner Radio


In 2006, he appeared in Barbara Walters’s list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006.
Former presidential candidate John McCain described Osteen as his favorite inspirational author.
Osteen hosted an event in 2018, in collaboration with rapper Kanye West.
Further, he also held his Easter service during COVID-19 with Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry

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