Romantic Comedy Books

Romantic comedy fiction books, also known as Romcom books, add hilarious engagements to a love story under unusual circumstances.

The plot can evolve around ideas such as from enemies to lovers.

An initial dislike between two people leads to a relationship and the events leading to love is filled with funny and hilarious encounters.

Romantic comedy also overlaps with fantasy romance genre.

If you are into slow burn romance novels with tones of humor, there are some interesting themes and ideas to help you locate a book of choice

Themes and Examples of Romantic Comedy Books

First, as mentioned earlier, the enemies to lovers trope.

Typically, there is a clash of personalities usually experienced from first impressions.

Circumstances such as work, studies or other out of control situations will cause the enemies to be together somehow.

Examples of enemies to lovers include the following books:

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Do you take this man? by Denise Williams

Psycho Beasts by Jasmine Mas

Then, alpha man romantic comedy themes.

The love story has a strong and desirable man at the center.

He may have one or all of the qualities synonymous with power, such as wealth, physical attractiveness, psychologically strong, and a general authoritative or domineering stature.


Holiday romance by Catherine Walsh

Marrying Mr. Wrong by Clair Kingsley

The do over by Sharon M Peterson

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Several other tropes are commonly found in funny romance stories

These include but not limited to: –

From roommates to lovers

Love triangles

Lovers resulting from unintentional proximity

Friends to lovers

Fake relationship turning to love