Caper Crime Books

Fictional caper crime books give the reader full view of the crimes and tend to focus more on the criminal.

It is common to have elements of humor in the stories and they often cover many crimes in one book, such as theft and swindles.

Investigators may be portrayed as incompetent as the book follows on the criminal who may be eventually apprehended by other funny events or unexpected occurrence.

Some Examples Popular Caper Crime Books

Here are some examples of caper crime novels

Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

A girl detective story set in the 30’s, Murder most unladylike narrates the story of two girls who form a detective agency at Deepdean School for Girls.

There are no stories for Daisy Wells and Hazel Wongto investigate except the case of a missing tie.

In this course of time, the young detective Daisy discovers the body of the Science Mistress for what looks like an accidental death.

But when the body disappears, the agency now has a real case – proving murder and solving it.

Their friendship is tested, will it survive? And will the young girl detectives manage to find the killer?

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1 by Scott Lynch

An orphan by the name of Locke Romano is recruited by an elite group of thieves, the gentleman bastards. Father Chains trains him alongside 6 other members, and he becomes well known as a master of disguise.

However, the Gentleman Bastards group is not the only team of thieves. There are several other groups, and they all answer to Capa Barsavi.

As the years go by, there is rumor of a mysterious person, The Gray king. The Gray King wants to take over the reins from Capa Barasvi.

After the murder of Capa Barasvi’s daughter, whom he wanted to marry Locke, the suspected murderer is the Gray King. Moreso because he immediately calls for a meeting with Capa Barasvi.

On one hand, The Gray King wants Locke to attend the meeting and disguise as himself. On the other hand, Capa wants Locke to accompany him to the same meeting.

Locke finds a way to attend the meeting, but he winds up forced into a barrel of horse urine and tossed into the sea. He is left for dead as The Gray King kills and usurps power from Capa Barasvi.

Luckily, the unconscious Locke is resuscitated by Jean and Bug who were nearby. Now Locke has to come against The Gray King to recover the money lost during the overthrow of Capa Barasvi.