Adventure Novels

Adventure novels fall in the broad class of literary fiction books.

In our everyday life, we often follow routines that make our lives easier and manageable. However, when things do not go as normal, there is usually frustration.

Likewise, adventure fiction follows such a life where the protagonist’s usual pattern of life is disturbed in a way that poses danger or loss. However, the protagonist will take risks, act and think outside the box to overcome these limits.

One may also refer to this genre as adventure fiction. In most cases, the main person in the novel experience life outside of his or her normal way of life.

A common style among writers of adventure is to add high tension, emotions, danger, or the possibility of danger. Typically, the stories shift and progress at a fast pace.

What Readers Like About Adventure Novels

Lovers of adventure stories are drawn by the risk and danger inherent in the actions of the characters of the book.

In the face of danger, characters often take risks and act in the moment to evade danger or escape from it, while getting a target result.

To shade more light, try to compare adventure with thriller. On one hand, thriller offers twists and turns to the overall story. On the other, adventure is about action and risk taking.

The personality of the main character is part of the excitement, as well as the overall environment where risk is taken. There is not much of the psychological appeal that usually comes with thriller novels.

As is common with various other fiction genres, adventure novels also overlap with other genres.

Spy stories, sea stories and even other crime stories can also belong to this class of fictional tales.