Fiction Books for Women

Books for women inspire, encourage, and entertain women. They are written for women and cater for various ages.

The fiction typically narrates the emotional journey of women at various stages of life and in different circumstances.

If you are looking for women’s fiction to read, click here for a list of some of the most read books in this genre.

Works of fiction in this category bring hope and tell of women’s desires, hopes, and may include happy ending romance themes. However, writers such as Colleen Hoover explore both happy ending plots as well as heart breaking endings.

An example of fiction books for women with heart breaking ending include “it ends with us”.

Chick lit is another comparable genre for literature targeted at women and it usually focus on characters more than the plot.

Like their male counterparts, women write on the broad subjects of life.

It is necessary then to separate women’s books from women’s writing.

Women’s writing relates to books written by women, which can be for male or female audience or both. Whereas women’s fiction novels are targeted primarily at the female audience.

Like other group targeted fiction, women’s books have several sub genres according to themes and plot.

Therefore, women’s fiction falls into the broader type of fiction genre, albeit with an intentional aim to market to women.

Themes and examples in Fiction Books for Women

There are several interesting themes, events, and moments in women’s light reading.

They include famous quotes on from female characters

Female readers look out for humor and fun from reading short stories and novels.

Sharing life’s challenges in an entertaining way in the modern era is another common theme, such as empathetic stories around the theme of mothering for example.

Examples include: –

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Women’s fiction humor includes novels such as Marrying Mr Wrong.

Another central theme in relationship stories is an ideal imaginary life partner that meets all aspects of a girl’s requirements.

Female adventure and fun nights out with other girls, as well as shopping are common events in women’s fiction.

Some authors will just focus on stories that inspire and encourage women.

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