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Collen Hoover
Collen Hoover

Colleen Hoover was born in a poor family on the eleventh of December in nineteen seventy-nine.

Today, she is known for her craft and creativity in the genre of romance. However, it was not always like that from the beginning.

Growing up, she enjoyed reading fiction books and biographies. In particular, she was into crime fiction.

At the time, romance fiction was not yet a subject of interest. In addition to crime, she would occasionally read thriller novels.

Hoover got married to William Heath Hoover in the year2000 at the age of twenty, and they have three sons together.

She began philanthropy works in twenty fifteen, raising twelve thousand dollars in 4 minutes via an online subscription channel. The project does charity work and has built a school in Malawi.


Hoover attended Texas A&M-Commerce on a special government grant for the poor.

Her mother, who was not aware of such a government program prior, joined her at university and they both graduated with Social Science Degree.

How Colleen Hoover’s Casual Writing Turned her to a Professional Novelist.

Collen Hoover’s Biography is not complete without mentioning the dramatic story of how she began writing as a career.

When Hoover wrote her first novel, she did not think much of it.

If only she knew of the impending success, she would not have drawn the characters of her book from her kids in real life.

So, with the encouragement of friends and relatives, she wrote and casually self-published the book on Amazon using their kindle book templates.

Within a space of four months, her book “Slammed” was on New York Times, without any professional marketing help!

After the commercial success of her novel “Slammed”, Colleen Hoover quit her job to become a full timer novelist.

Hoover went on to write several bestselling romantic novels after her debut fiction novel.

“It ends with us”, the first of a two-part sequel, was her most difficult book to write and it paid her greatly after selling more copies than the bible.

A recent publication “It starts with us” is a follow up of this romantic work of fiction.

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