Plasmids: A Practical Approach

K. G. Hardy

This completely updated and revised second edition of Plasmids: A Practical Approach provides the researcher with detailed protocols for studying bacterial plasmids and for using plasmids and phagemids as vectors. With many new sections and protocols, it is the most up-to-date reference describing the techniques for the study of plasmid replication and maintenance, the fundamental methods for purifying plasmids and introducing them into cells, and the protocols for the mutagenesis and analysis of plasmid-encoded products. The book features further techniques for the study of plasmids and the use of plasmid vectors in such important groups of bacteria as animal and plant pathogens harboring virulence plasmids, Streptomyces, and lactococci. Plus, the book describes the use of plasmid composite vectors for expression of cDNA cloning, and much more. It is a invaluable reference for molecular biologists, microbiologists, and biotechnology researchers. It includes detailed protocols for studying bacterial plasmids and for using both plasmids and phagemids as vectors, techniques for studying fundamental aspects of plasmids, such as replication, are included, as well as methods for using plasmid vectors in important groups of bacteria. Also described are protocols for using phagemids, which are extremely useful tools for genetic engineering.
$24.65 (USD)
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Release date: 1994
Format: PDF
Size: 19.24 MB
Language: English
Pages: 141

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