Abuse Romance Fiction Books

Fans of abuse romance fiction books love this genre for several reasons.

First, the fiction may create coping mechanisms to the real-life complexities of dating.

In addition, the other the familiar reason is the aspect to draw readers to this genre is empathy.

Victims of abuse in relationships may find romantic fiction literature with abuse themes to offer them an opportunity to experience something outside their own experiences.

The hope to elevate real life acts of a good citizens as the reader gets to see life from the character’s perspective and get the affection of sharing stories with an imaginary friend.

Another reason why fans of abuse romance literature like the genre is the characters of abuse who come out as romantic heroes. This kind of fantasy drive readers to a

Nonfiction emotional abuse romance tend to be more educational and is often written by victors of abusive relationships.

However, other victims of abuse find some content to reflect a romanticization of suffering.

There is concern that romance fiction may not articulate well the difficulty of staying normal and the ability to make meaningful decisions in an abusive relationship.

Therefore, readers of romantic abuse fiction should be able to note that the reality of abuse is more complex and severe than the fiction characters who suffer abuse and still retain normalcy.

Concern Over Young Adults Consuming Fiction Abuse Romance Books.

Typically abuse romance books depict various forms of abuse, from physical, emotional, and psychological

As mentioned earlier, most readers are aware of the content and are ready to consume it for various reasons.

The young reader may need guidance in this type of genre to deal with the threat of glorifying misery, depression, and abuse.

Books by prominent young adult writers such as “It ends with us” by Colleen Hoover are quite popular with young readers, in spite of the sad ending of the fiction.

In some books, some characters are unreasonably too submissive or show unwarranted aggression

For this reason, readers, especially young readers should be aware of the effects of abuse in real life.




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